Born Free

Write to Your MP Calling for a Review of Exotic Pet Legislation

Born Free is calling on the UK government to undertake a comprehensive review of exotic pet ownership, including the current dangerous wild animal legislation. Any amendments should ensure far greater restrictions on the trade and keeping of wild animals as pets in the UK, based on thorough and precautionary criteria around whether animals are suitable as pets.

Join us in campaigning for change by writing to your MP. Politely but firmly ask them to support Born Free’s call for a comprehensive review of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act and its Schedule, and point out that decisions on whether or not wild animals can be kept as pets should be based on:

  • Whether individual animal welfare needs can be fully met, and owners have the necessary qualifications and experience to meet those needs.

  • Whether the trade is likely to compromise the conservation of species in the wild.

  • Potential environmental concerns, such as the escape of potentially invasive species.

  • Full consideration of the risks to public and animal health & safety, including zoonoses.

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