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Sign our petition to call for an Elephant-Free UK

We are calling on the UK government to phase out the keeping of elephants in UK zoos. 

First, the government should prohibit any future attempts to breed elephants in captivity and stop the importation of additional elephants, from the wild or from captivity, into the UK. 

Next, the government should work with the zoos and other partners, to ensure all remaining elephants in the UK are given the best possible conditions for the rest of their lives. Options should include moving some elephants to protected areas in their natural habitat, when possible, or to legitimate sanctuaries. 

Finally, those for whom relocation to the wild or sanctuaries is not possible, should be moved to be with other compatible elephants in the facilities that can provide the best available welfare and conditions. 

All elephant relocations should be carried out with the welfare of the animals as the primary reason. 

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